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The Yoga Post is here to help you quiet all the noise and guide you to integrate the wild world of yoga into your life. Why?

Because it is fucking magic.

In our well-rounded classes, you’ll learn that you don’t need to take a retreat, go on a cleanse, or have a strict meditation schedule in order to feel anchored to your life. Instead, you’ll learn simple bite-sized ways to build yoga into your daily routine. And when you do?

Your mind will clear.
Your body will feel like home.
And you will have the bandwidth to be of service to your community.

The Yoga Post is built on the idea that yoga is THE tool to feel more connected to self and the world around you.

Using 3 phases in each class you will feel the consistency you need to build a rockin routine that works beyond the mat.

The 3 phases
1. Inventory of the mind + body
2. Flow linking your breath to movement
3. Surrender

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