Dwelling Spaces + Places

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The team at Dwelling Spaces and Places skillfully guides retirees, seniors and family members through the often difficult and time-consuming process of transitioning to a new lifestyle or home environment. Leveraging resources and tools honed over years spent in healthcare design and project management, the DWELLING Spaces + Places team delivers widespread services, including:

Designing interiors for accessibility and aesthetics
Evaluating quality-of-life needs and choices
Remodeling, reconfiguring and modifying rooms
Staging and decorating family home for resale
Opti-sizing for quality of life
Space planning for current or future dwelling
Identifying valuables and preserving treasures
Assessing what to keep, replace, discard or pass along
Organizing moves to make it easier on everyone
Sorting, professional packing and setting up
Decorating and accessorizing new dwelling
Consulting for the planning, design and interior architecture of senior living facilities

Call today to schedule a complimentary hour-long consultation. A member of our team will review your needs and recommend a transition plan. Whether your modifying for accessibility, opti-sizing or relocating, we’ll help guide you through the process with sensitivity, care and expertise.

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