Central St New Banner Contest

August, 05, 2013

Entries due no later than August 5!

Central Street Business Association Street has launched a Banner Design contest! We’re excited to see what you come up with! Please submit your completed banner design in both print and digital form to The Spice House at 1941 Central Street by August 5, 2013. A design will be chosen by late August. The winning design will receive $500.

Your banner’s theme should reflect the character of the Central Street shopping district, which is a unique community of local businesses on Central Street between Ridge Avenue and Crawford Avenue. We have members ranging from boutique clothing stores and specialty retailers to cafés and bakeries, housewares, salons and more. Our emphasis has always been on locally owned businesses.

Below is the current banner design; you can also draw inspiration from our website, centralstreet-evanston.com, or come visit us and chat with shop owners and customers to see why we all love this street!

Banners must include the words “Central Street Evanston”. You may also include a short slogan, 3-6 words. Bear in mind that this must be readable from the street.

Entries must have both a printed and a digital version. The printed version should be 20”x8” on posterboard, for our judging display. The digital file for the printer must be a 60”x24” vector-based print-optimized .pdf image in CMYK. Please bring your digital file to The Spice House on a CD or drive for transfer to our computers.

We reserve the right to work with the winning artist to alter the design to suit our needs, including adding or changing text and images. The winning submission will become the property of the Central Street Business Association.

The printed banners will be on heavy-duty vinyl, 60” tall by 24” wide. They will hang from lightposts along Central Street between Ridge Avenue and Crawford Avenue. We hope to have them up by mid-October.

If you have any further questions, please contact Paige Esbrook at [email protected].

Thank you –
The Central Street Business Association

Current Central Street Banner

Can you design a NEW banner for Central Street?