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Are you a business in the Central Street Evanston interested in getting involved in events or are you interested in opening a new business or relocating to Central Street? Central Street Evanston provides a range of services to the business district including marketing and advertising, special events, seasonal landscaping, holiday decor, placemaking and more. Below is a list of resources available to all businesses within the SSA#7 and SSA#8 boundaries to help market and promote local their business, as well as information about snow removal. 

COVID Resources

Central Street Evanston is part of the Evanston Economic Covid-19 Task Force that is working on strategies to help businesses and organizations find resources and prepare for the recovery process.  

The Task Force developed the Covid-19 Checklist for Businesses which is  updated regularly with information on small business assistance programs, grant opportunities, legislative updates and more. Below are additional resources organized by federal, state, city and organization. 

Center for Disease Control 
General Business FAQs (updated December 2, 2020)

State of Illinois 
Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigation (effective November 20, 2020)

City of Evanston 
The City of Evanston has a regularly updated Covid-19 website with daily case updates, communication updates, task force updates, health recommendations, ways to help out and more. Sign up for regular email updates from the City. 

Evanston Chamber of Commerce
If you are in need of PPE, please contact Roger Sosa, with questions about ordering. 

If you have other questions relating to Covid-19, please email We will update this page soon with other information and guidelines. 

Special Events

Central Street Evanston hosts special events throughout the year. All businesses are invited to participate in events listed below.

Late Night Thursday Shopping & dining specials on Thursday evenings from November 12 to December 17. Shops open until 7pm. Click here.

Small Business Saturdays

Local shopping and dining promotions on Saturdays from November 14 to December 19.


For more information, please contact


Central Street Evanston will send out a biweekly e-newsletter featuring information about special events in the business district, community events, and promotions, sales and other announcements at individual businesses. 

If you want to include an event in the e-newsletter, please email a description of the event with a website that provides more information, and a photo (600 px wide by 400 px high) in jpg or png to You can also tag @centralstreetevanston and/or make @centralstreetevanston a co-host of a Facebook event and/or an Instagram post.

Snow Removal

Central Street Evanston does not provide snow removal service to the business district. It is the responsibility of businesses, residents and landlords to remove snow and ice from sidewalks after a snow event. Below is a summary of the City of Evanston's ordinance.

  • Sidewalks should be completely cleared to allow everyone, including people with disabilities, children walking to school and the elderly, to travel freely using the sidewalks instead of the street.

  • Businesses are responsible for clearing sidewalks adjacent to their property; snow should be removed a minimum of 36” away from the building to avoid citation. 

  • Snow should be removed so as to not block any public right of way (alleys, sidewalks, fire hydrants and streets).

If you need assistance finding a company to clear snow for you, please email

More Resources

  • Evanston Edge Resources [ link ]
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  • 'Cats Community Connection [ link ]